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Fight depression


2021-07-25 7:17 PM

Depression Community


Social Isolation and Staying Active


2021-07-22 3:40 PM

Healthy Weight Community


Quitting soon


2021-07-03 6:45 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Managing urges to drink while quitting smoking


2021-07-03 2:22 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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Dealing with depression and anxiety and starting to feel lonely.

Welcome Jmart,

I am sorry to read how you have been feeling. Dating can be challenging for anyone. When depressed and anxious it can feel that much harder. All your insecurities, social anxieties and negative thoughts can get triggered. Even the most confident person can be rattled by dating and rejection. It is important to be mentally healthy if you want to be in a healthy relationship. I think it is really insightful that you found us today. It shows you are ready to put work into yourself. You deserve to feel better about yourself.

I encourage you to get started on the courses. I think working on the depression course first world be a good approach. Try to complete one session a week. Don't forget the homework is the most important part. Once you are farther along in the program I think you will be able to view things more clearly. Right now depression and anxiety are clouding your thoughts.

Please get started and keep us updated.

Hope to read more from you soon,


a month ago 0 Jmart 1 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

I'm 23 I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, and low self esteem.

I've been feeling like I'm worthless and not really worth anyone's time. My parents and friends are generally kind, but I can't help but feel like a burden to everyone. I've lost enjoyment in things I do, I eat less, and sometimes don't even feel like getting up.

I know this I really shouldn't be dragging on something like this, but I have recently been struggling with thoughts of a partner. Throughout my life, I've never had anyone interested in me, I feel like I'm just unattractive. My anxiety does get in the way of meeting new people, but even then why would someone even both with someone like me. I feel like no one will ever like me in that way and it's just saddening to think about.

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