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How to help a loved one with Depression

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Some of you may be lurking through the site looking for ways to help a friend of loved one with their depression.

The most important thing that anyone can do for a depressed person is to encourage him or her to get diagnosed by a doctor and start treatment.

Sometimes, a friend of family member has to make the appointment and take the depressed person to the doctor. Friends and family also often have to help the depressed person keep track of their medication. Offer emotional support, including understanding, patience, affection, and encouragement. Try to engage the depressed person in conversation and listen carefully. Try to accept the feelings they express but also try to encourage more realistic thinking and hope.

Provide the depressed person with good company and distraction. Invite the depressed person to join you in outings and activities. Encourage the depressed person to participate in activities they used to enjoy.

Encourage and invite, even gently insist, but do not push the depressed person to try to do too much too soon. Too many demands can make a depressed person feel even more overwhelmed.

Do not ignore remarks about suicide. Report remarks about suicide to a healthcare provider or phone a suicide or crisis line.

If you know someone who seems depressed and may need help, here are some things you can d

•   Tell the person that you are concerned about him or her.

•   Share the information on this web site with the person.

•   Get the person to take the Depression Test.

•   Talk to the person about seeing a doctor.

•   Take the person to see the doctor.

•   If the doctor offers the name and phone number of a psychiatrist or someone for "talk" therapy, call the number and help the person make an appointment.

•   Take the person to the appointment.

•   "Be there" for the person after he or she starts treatment,

•   Do not accuse a depressed person of faking illness or of laziness, or expect them "to snap out of it" or "get over it."

Keep in mind that MDD is a medical illness. With treatment most people do get better.

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