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How severe was my my attack?

Hi Ped74,

This site does not measure severity of panic attacks. If you are having any panic attacks at all this program can help. How would you, yourself rate the severity of the attack? You shouldn't have to suffer through any level of panic attack. You can learn to manage your anxiety.

In addition to completing the program you could also try a quick grounding technique if you have a panic attack again. Remind yourself the feeling is only temporary and you are safe. Take deep, abdominal breaths.

Ground yourself with your five senses

  • Look for five things of a certain colour. For example, find five green things.
  • Listen for four different sounds in your immediate area. For example, the fridge running, traffic outside, a bird, the wind.
  • Touch three different things. For example, touch something soft, something bumpy and then something cold.
  • Smell two different smells. For example, smell your tea and your perfume.
  • Taste one thing. For example, taste your tea or whatever you have on hand.

How are you doing today? How often do you have panic attacks?

Take care,


2 months ago +2 Ped74 1 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 2

Can I measure severity so I know i should do anything?

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