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2022-01-23 1:36 PM

Depression Community


Happy New Year! Who's quitting?

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-01-21 1:22 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Self worth


2022-01-07 4:50 PM

Anxiety Community

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When people don't return phone calls

Hi kitty, remenber its not your friends who decides the value that you worth. Never forget your worth dispite what feed back you receive around you.

Thats normal that thoughts go through our head.

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Downward spiral

Hello, Im starting the challenge thoughts and when I do it I really feel almost getting to normal, like my mind is thristy to have some attention, a feeling that everithing is ok and a sense of peace that I can deal with my issues. But after feeling good the next day I become lazy and I dont challenge the negative thoughts or do any self care, and than the next day I return to point 0, feeling very depressed, like staying on bed all time when Im not working. Than to re-start feeling strengh to start challenging my thoughts again it could take many days. This happens the last 3 times, but Im determined to put this into my routine because I see it works. But Im strugling with this because Im running from my feelings at same time. Do you have any advise? Also Im realling strugling with simple self care like taking bath, brushing teeths. About food I finded a temporary solution that is buying prepared food, because I dont have strengh to cook.

Thank you.

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Downward spiral

Hello Ashley, about the feelings I mean the oposite. Not doing CBT is running from my feelings, to not think about some problems that give me anxiety.

.About my health luckly everithing is all right, I developed this depressed behaviour while I was a teen, atound 12, because on big summer holidays that lasted 3 months every year my mother instead of moving us to our house near the beach were I had my friends he started moving us to family country house were I had no friends or activities for my age, and than I started sleeping all day there, developed anxiety and depression. Now, after 30 years I see IM stuck on that place, sleeping all day and not know what to do to enjoy time by myself.

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Fight depression

Hello, I have depression since around age 14, always trying to beat the ups and downs, but rarely go away. Im just tired. I start doing cbt but when im better i always give up. My brain developed this way because I was left isolated since teenager, weekends and holidays alone without happy moments or friends. Now Im paying the price of my caretakers give me. I feel I cant change my brain, it constantly fall to the same. ;/

6 months ago (Edited 6 months ago) +1 asi 11 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Fight depression

Thats a good analogy, but hard to aply with so low energy.

Antibiotics its something to take for a short period of time, but nobody likes to have to take antibiotics for their whole life, like some chronic disease. Ithats a bit diferent.

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Fight depression

Hi Ashley, Im not rewarding after the program, but its a good idea to think. I dont have nothing special and easy to get that give me joy I think, but may be its me who didnt work a bit around that idea. I was thinking of food or buying something, but that brings a regret later.

I really love practising exercice, I think its comparable to a meditative state, because our thought process decrease to almost nothing. Im doing bodybuilding and the few things Im able to think on those moments is just counting from 1 to 10 that is the number of repetitions Im doing on an exercice. I feel the most conected to my soul at that moment, because I can hear some silence inside of me.

I would love to invest more on that, like feeling that is my second job. I already practise acrobatic gimnastic when teenager for a year I never forget that, the chalenge of seeing our body doing things that at the begining are impossible, give me much pleasure.

Your question maid me think that may be I can incorporate 15 minuts in the morning when I wake up to do some gimnastic. I already do 1 hour at the end of the afternon, but having my day with more physical activities seams a dream.

Also I would like to ask you a question that intrigues me very much. With the sheet of activitys Ive been aware that Im only depressed during the day, that at night practicaly my depression go away. I start feeling good, more energetic, more entusiastic, making plans for the next days...but during the day just going out of bed is a strugle. I think may be my melatonin is normal. I dont know also if its my social anxiety since I know everibody is sleeping and I dont see people, I dont think about other people, so I dont get triggers.

I would like also to thank you for always being so suportive and have warm words to tell everibody and to me. A few years ago I also did this program for anxiety, and my panick attacks gone in one year, and I had it for 20 years, so there arent enough words to thank all of you.

5 months ago +1 asi 11 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1
Kindnof bullying


Im currently dealing with a situatiin related with my work. I have to go to post office everiday and there is a lady there that is having toxic behaviour with me.

Last time I gone their, she said good bye to my saying "good weekend" shaking her voice at the end for a few seconds in lower voice so that her colegues dont hear she doing that, when I was leaving in a provocative way. I already saw her doing that to her coleague, everitime the other spoke she repeated the same sentences shaking her voice in a lower sound, a very childish behaviour for someone with around 60 years. Shes acting like a bully, but her behaviour is unpredictable, so it gives me a lot of anxiety so I dont know how she will behave.

This kind of event, when some radom person is not nice to me really triggers my depression. I was doing so well this summer, first time in years that I dont need take medication, Im starting the need of taking them again.

I would like to find a way to deal with that, I see this is a comun dominator all my life, that when something like that hapen, I had to give up of job, I also had to give up of a graduation of arquitecture because of a teacher being rude to me etc because this stuff really makes me sick or really depressive...I end up feeling that I have no control of my life, that those people are forcing me to take decitions I didnt wanted, like giving up of things I worked hard to achieve.

This time I had so much work to find a good place to work near that post office, and now because of that lady I think I have to go to another one at least temporary because of my health. I did the problem solving sheet, and remembered that last time I had something unpleasent repetitive with a post office worker I complaint to his superior and he stoped his bad behavour, I think I have to do that again. Other thing I was thinking to try is to confront her, letting her know that I wont tolerated this kind of behaviour animore. I would like to ask you if you think thats might be a good way to deal with this kind of situations. One day I saw a sucessfull old sir doing that to the sales man when I selled my house, being assertive in a strong voice, so I think may be thats how healthy people puts peoples in place.

I really feel weak and with my self esteem down because of these kind of people, when they are rude without a reason, since Im a very shy person that almost dont speak and there is no reason to treated me this way.

Do you have any sugestion, if was able to find a way to not get so trigered, I really think I will be healing the present and the past too. This remenber me a provocative room mate that start distroying my final important project of arquitecture in front of me, and I end up freeze without knowing how to defend my self too.

Thank you.

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Kindnof bullying

Hi Ashley, that you foe your reply, its really precious to me.

I did the problem solving sheet, and remenbered that I solved a similar situation in another town, reporting to a superior, and after that the person never bother me again. So I thought between all solutions I had in mind, I though this one was the better to give me peace of mind.

My goal was to give a break to this lady, because I wanted that this was the last time she speaked to me that way. Than I talked to the superior and everithing went well, my complaint was well received, and I felt well treated.

After this hapened, I kind of had a flush of old memories of so much similar situations that I hadnt no idea how to solve at that time. So I thought, or learn now, or I will have more and more similar situations to face like this in the future. So I felt very good after my decision, like I was healing the present and all the past too, because it becomed very very clear what was the right action needed on the past too. So I thought "Im doing this for my present but also for my younger helpless in the past"

Ill take a look of the core beliefs too as you sugested, may be I find more things there to be aware.

Thank you Ashley for hearing me.

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Dealing with depression and anxiety and starting to feel lonely.

Hi JMart, you need to invest more in yourself, go to gym, start doing skincare, do everithing that is available to you so that you can increase your self esteem. You re too young, sometimes we just dont know how to enhance our natural atributes, choosing the right clothes etc. You need to go through trial and error and you will find your way.

Me too feeled that same as you till around 20, but surprisingly thats something easy to change. Do a renew of your wardrobe, ask for help choosing new outfits, but mainly do to please yourself. The rest will follow naturally, you dont need to worry about that.

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Kindnof bullying


This situation is already solved but I was days in a turmoil that depleted my energies. I was dealing relativley well before that, first summer without anti depressives, now even without having this problem to deal with my depression got worst. Im currently with no bath for a week, and my hair no wash for 2 weeks. Just laying down watching youtube, no strengh to go to supermarket or make food.

Today, the superior of post office attend me and that helped solved the situation, she said to me "you again?", she didnt even gave me time to said nothing. I was just taking care of my work, I was not bothering no one. Im really tired humans are not consistent, sometimes they are able to have good actions, sometimes not.

What are making me depressed is that, a lot of people seams to be in stress like this, so they end up not treating others well. I know its not my fault of others people personality, but this seams not being a pleasant place to live.

My brothers when they dont understand what I say they get mad, so I have to end up explaining things in detail so that they calm down.

Im really strugling, IM not surrounded with nice people, it really removes me all the desire to be comected with humans. If I could I would have dogs and cats living with me.