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manager pretty much of bulling


2021-09-23 7:51 AM

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Kindnof bullying

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-09-05 2:39 PM

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Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-08-20 4:02 PM

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3 months yesterday

Thank you for sharing hors controle. It sounds like you had a little slip, but you learned from it. It sounds like you learned moderate drinking alone is not an option for you right now. Keep focusing on what you want and not what your cravings or old ways of thinking want.

Your attitude tells me you are doing great!


Good morning Ashley,

I drank again every day during the weekend and was not feeling 100% yesterday. A big reminder that if I drink home alone, I cannot stop after 2 drinks even though I did not finish the bottle. I was hoping to only drink with a meal or when I was meeting friends for dinner but I realized it is not working, that I am not ready yet and might never be.

I am really proud about the fact I quit 3 months, this is the longest time I manage in over 40 years. I also realize I did not find it as pleasurable as I was expecting so no drinking again. I really do not want to go back to my drinker's day, I do not miss that at all.

Thank you for keeping in touch. Have a great day!

Thanks for the update hors controle.

I am glad you are being honest with yourself and making choices that are in line with what you think is best for you!

How were you able to drink moderately? What made you think it was not a good idea to continue to attempt moderate drinking?


Thank you Ashley,

I did test myself this last weekend. It did not feel like cravings when I went to buy wine I just wanted to test myself I guess and see if I could become a moderate drinker. Even though i did not overdrank, I realized that breaking the habit for 3 months really helped but I could fall back.

I am now back to non drinking.

hors controle,

CONGRATULATIONS!! Three months is amazing. I am so glad you are already enjoying many benefits. You deserve to enjoy your success. How will you or how have you rewarded yourself for achieving this big goal?

I am also glad you are acknowledging that you are still having cravings. Keep your guard up and keep doing what you are doing.

Nice work!


Thank you Lynn,

I am so happy about it and very confident. My mind do not feel twisted anymore with cravings and rushing thinking of going to the liquor store.

But, I do remember I have to stay alert and on my guard.

Have a great day!!

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hors controle,

Congratulations! It sounds like you are paying attention to all the advantages of not drinking. You will most likely rely on each of these reasons at some point as a reminder of how far you have come. I also think it's great that you are planning your next phase of activities. I wish you continued strength.


I DID IT!! Finally. I am so happy. I know I still have to be careful and start thinking about new activities for the fall when I will not be able to change my mind gardening but hopefully, the worst is over.

I see and live every day all the advantages. Sleeping for a full night, almost no more hot flashes, beautiful flowerbeds, money in my saving account, etc.

I still think sometime about a glass of wine, especially during the weekend when I sit down to read but I do not think I am ready for this and maybe will never be.

Have a great day everybody!!

PS Thank you Ashley for the new site. I am happy to see that everything has been transferred and is functional

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