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Setting a Goal

9 years ago 0 421 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I do! I think it's great to be able to tell that hateful AV to shut up and get out of my head.  In fact I've said it outloud several times.  Telling myself it's a bad idea...I am not buying any booze...I am not that person anymore. It seems to be working.  You have started your own 100 day challenge! That's great!  I'm not familiar with the blogs you mentioned but, am going to check them out. 
I agree that I was tired of thinking about drinking....and that meant posting and having it in my face all the time. So, I kind of took a break from this site.  I found it easier to deal with the AV when I just told it to shut up and moved on not taking the time to post or read.  I'm giving posting and reading another try because I believe I can become stronger in my resolve and hope I can help others. 
I will tell you that once you find other things that you love to do in your spare time, drinking will take the farthest back seat.  I believe that when we give ourselves time to rebuild our brain paths we are better, stronger and more equipped to go about the business of living.  I love not having to worry about what I said or did the night before.  The best is not feeling so bad---really sick and hurt--with a hangover.  They became like 2 day ordeals for me.  And what 's interesting is that when drinking 2 glasses of wine, I feel sluggish and tired, crabby and fat/bloated the next day. It's just not worth it, really.  Being healthy feels good and clean.  Congratulations, Julie! You are really doing great!! :-)
9 years ago 0 286 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I am on day 18 alcohol free and I am setting a goal for 100 days alcohol free which will take me to September 20th.  It seems all the books and blogs I have been reading have said that 90 days is an important milestone.  I have been connecting with different blogs "Mrs. D. Is doing Without", "Tired of Thinking About Drinking" etc and I am finding them very motivating and helpful with questions I have.  I have signed up for 100 day challenge to be alcohol free and am on a waiting list.

I do know that the addictive voice tells us that things are better with wine but my true self knows that is not true.  Things are better without alcohol and I do not want to give that up.  Keep reminding that chatter in my head that I am gaining my self respect, energy and enthusiasm for life- not losing anything!

Anyone else have experience with the positives of quitting?  

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