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Counting Calories

Thank you for replying Reset!

I like all your ideas. How are you able to ensure you are not too hungry? I imagine that would be the toughest part, waiting until you are hungry but not too hungry. Do you have any tips or experiences in managing hunger?

Thanks again,


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Hi Ashley,

I know that there is something like a 'structured eating' as I have done this program some times ago. And yes, it truly worked for me that time. I am also so much grateful for making these programs publicly accessible. They are a blessing.

These days I have lost some weight with another, completely new approach. And it is not very much like 'structured'.

I don't know how long this approach will last, but for the moment it still works for me.

This new approach is, that I only eat when I am really hungry. And then only healthy stuff.

And I don't eat what I don't like, but only eat what I right now 'feel for'.

I guess, the difference is that I am thinking now thinking: life is short, and I am old enough to determine, what I want to eat. And only pick that one specifically, not more, if I don't really want any other things. Maybe you could call it an extremely choosy approach.

However, one important thing I learned from this program too, and that I also keep today: I don't wait until the point when I am so hungry that I would overeat. That is truly critical.

Another thing I have changed for success: I really enjoyed cooking healthy recipes for my family and myself. But I recently recognised how the daily cooking makes me also eating then when I am not specifically hungry. I usually argued (bargained), "this is so healthy, so I HAVE to eat it". Well, no. Just because it is healthy, I don't need to make my body working all the time and give them work to process all the healthy ingredients. Or at least, not now, and not for a while.

I am still eating healthy, but I only follow my truly own inner desire for food.

Not sure if this is any helpful that I am writing. I just wanted to reply to you - actually much earlier. I found the energy only today to write this down.

Hello everyone,

No matter what you choose to eat studies are quite clear that to lose weight one has to cut calories from their diet or burn calories with exercise; ideally both! How do you manage your calories? How do you burn calories? Any tips or thoughts on calories in and calories out?

Hope to read some of your ideas!


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