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Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:06 PM

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11 years ago 0 Hot SiO2 2778 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hey Sheila!!!
    Welcome to the SSC!!!  Preparation and having a Positive Mental Attitude going into your quit will be huge assets for you!!!  You have also got to want to quit more than you want to smoke!  If you do, you won't smoke!  It is going to be hard at first, that is why many of us here have used NRT's to help us, but it definitely can be done going cold turkey!
     The Program here is great for information and preparation, so I highly suggest that you go through all the milestones in the Program.  Also, read through the different posts in the Forums!  There is a wealth of information here from your new quit buddies, too!  I also did a lot of reading and posting early on in my quit, as it was a distraction from smoking! 
     Stick close and if you have any questions of need any help, just post!

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11 years ago 0 cristinas 251 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Welcome aboard Sheila. And congratulations on you decision to quit smoking. If you have the time, go through My Program. It is full of very interesting information. And again, the Coping with Cravings section of the forum will show you what to expect and when. As unique as we all are, when it comes to this addiction, we seem to have common ground in the way we behave. Also, set your meter and add it to your profile. I found it to be pretty motivational once the days start piling up...
The first couple of weeks might be pretty hard, so post often and read as much as you can. Ice water, lolly pops, chewing gum, celery, carrots... anything that might give your mouth and hands something to do, might help.
Keep the quit

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Hi Sheila,
Welcome to our wonderful online support community and congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking.
We strongly encourage you to prepare for your quit using the program. Quitting smoking is not only a habit, it's an addiction. This program is going to help you plan how to deal with cravings and more importantly teach you how to replace this old habit with a new one.


You'll also need to put into place a reward system. It should have three components: small one for after each craving, medium for the end of each smoke-free day and a bigger one for the end of each smoke-free week.


Start reading through the forums, you'll quickly realize that many have felt just as you do now and they are now non-smokers. You'll also be able to find a lot of tips and tricks to help you along the way.


Good luck & check back soon!


Samantha, Health Educator
11 years ago 0 kaiser 1387 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Sheila:  Welcome.  Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking.  It wont be easy but it can be done.  My advice would be to keep your self busy.  I also went through a lot of tootsie pops.  others will be here shortly to offer more advice.
Once again welcome.

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11 years ago 0 SheilaM 2 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi everyone,
I am new to the site I found it while  searching for tips on quitting smoking I have reduced my smoking for the last month and  gave up smoking in my car , in my house  when I am with my family, I still smoke at work seems to be the  hardest place to break the habit, I set my quit day for tomorrow and I am really getting hyped about being smoke free I am  32 years old I  have 2 wonderful children and I want to be healthier for them, I also am trying to lose weight and make a lifestyle change. I am told I will not be able to do both we will see, Any thoughts or ideas anyone can give me would be grealty appreciated.

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