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2022-01-23 1:36 PM

Depression Community


Happy New Year! Who's quitting?

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-01-21 1:22 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Self worth


2022-01-07 4:50 PM

Anxiety Community

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You did great!
But I don't like the idea of you having smokes around!  Keep those nasty things out of your sight!  It is much harder to slip if you have to actually go to the store to smoke.  You were very strong to resist the cravings but next time flush those cigarettes down the toilet!

Ashley, Health Educator
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Lady, congratulations on 100 smoke free days!  You've reached the beach!  Pull up a lounge chair along the edge of the water.  Have your favorite drink.  Celebrate your success!  Now isn't it funny how the nicodemon showed his ugly face just when you were reaching a milestone?  He does that, but you said N.O.P.E. and told him that he no longer controls your life!  Please be sure to reward yourself for 100 days of freedom!
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Good for you. I, too, have asthma. Funny how it's been worse the last few months than it's been since childhood. My doctor told me yesterday that she thinks I dodged a bullet, that I'm lucky that my breathing problems are fully reversible. I think about COPD each time I begin to romanticize smoking. Struggling to breathe isn't very romantic.

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Hello everyone, I am proud to say I have 100 days nicotine free today!!! I did not think i was going to make it, I went from my hometown to a city an hour with a pack of My brand ciggarettes under the seat. I had every intenion of smoking but, through grace I did not, I gave the pack away but, the next day I bummed a smoke put it on my entertainment center and talked with it throughout the day.Was going to smoke when I got back from class and meeting.I did not....WHY? Because when I was at school I had an asthama attack going up the stairs....Funny how a dose of reality will jerk you right up. Needless to say I really needed appreciate my new found freedom. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because, I need it.

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My Quit Date: 6/23/2009
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