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Ashley -> Health Educator

2024-07-17 7:35 PM

Depression Community


Creating a stress plan

Ashley -> Health Educator

2024-07-08 4:16 PM

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Stages of change

Ashley -> Health Educator

2024-06-25 11:19 PM

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Relaxation & Mindfulness

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Sounds like you have taken many steps in the right direction! Seems like you are doing great, you should feel extremely proud of yourself for working through these issues. Perhaps a little reward is in order?!
Stay strong, you are definitely going to make it over that hump
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
15 years ago 0 72 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi Everyone:
How is everyone?  I have not been on this site for a while as I have been working on my own self help books.  Last pdoc appointment my dr talked about mindfulness.  Since that day I have been more aware of my surroundings and I listen to things and I am noticing things I haven't before.  I started working in my art book with color and words which I have not done for 5 years.  I have lots of pictures to go thru with my pdoc and I am beginning to understand my center. 
With my therapist I am now visualizing a peaceful scenery at my sister's cottage and I listen to my wellness cd before I go to bed and it helps me with sleeping.  I am taking zoplicone for sleep and next week I am going to try not taking it on the weekend and see if I can sleep better with the visualization and cd.  I have been depressed lately but I know my warning signs and I am redoing my wrap as I may need it someday.  I still enter my daily mood log that I created and I see my pdoc on Tuesday and I will show him Jan/Feb logs as they are very helpful for me to self monitor myself. 
Now I am on the problem solving unit and I am working on thought records for my thought distortions.  Actually when things  are bothering me I have done a thought record and it worked, and I was not upset as much or depressed.  It just takes practice.  My pain level is about a 6, as I get another injection this Friday.  Then I have 2 more and then the dr asseses it, but he knows it is working for me.  My MRI came out normal, which I thought would happen.  The nurse said sometimes people never know the cause of their neuropathy pain.  At least the tp injections numb the pain for a while, and I can do my full time time and my p/t jobs. Well everyone have a great week...
PS: I was withdrawing from everyone and not calling people or being on the computer.  When I don't send emails or go thru my emails I know I am depressed.  I am slowly getting over the hump.  I need to do more pleasant activities. 

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