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virus - colds; flu; and ucks

15 years ago 0 910 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
My hubby works with tons of people. He doesn't get sick often. I mean really sick. I get everything he brings home... But when he gets sick it lasts half of forver since he eats badly, does not esercise and sleep enough. I catch everything but get over it faster... Hmmm...
15 years ago 0 456 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
hi sheba,
in summer, i get the one where i loose my voice and sound like a sexy mickey mouse .
in winter, i get what the kids bring home from school.  My 10 yrs old son has several girl friends that hugs and kiss him... hello, good-nite, thank you, you are so sweet,  ... here are my germs....  and my 5 year old daughter has found her qunituplets that were separated from two lifetimes-ago... so they spend so much of the day hugging, kissing, and making up for lost time.... and sharing present germs...   my husband works with the construction guys who install equipment outside most of the they are either over or under dressed and easily bring back whatever is in the ventalation systems .
And I know wash,wash,wash.  we do.  but as soon as i get the little buggers at school. as soon as we get home. as soon as the stuff comes up.... and still I get to share.
15 years ago 0 64 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Me.. I'm quit a phenomena. I get very ill in the summer preferibly when I'm in holiday.... You know 40 C outside and 40 C my fever....
In autumn or winter nothing. And since starting being serious about the pool I just doing ok. everyone is coughing etc I'm fine :) 

15 years ago 0 955 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. It sounds like you have gotten hit hard by a winter bug!

Have you thought more about going in to work tomorrow? Perhaps you could use that extra day of rest?
Would bringing in a note from your doctor help HR understand that your doctor has suggested that you are contagious for 2-3 days?
Don't forget to drink lots of liquids and get plenty of rest. Hopefully you will feel better soon!

Sarah, Health Educator
15 years ago 0 6 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
hi gang.
I have spend three days with a low fever; a throat swollen to the point where my head sat on a post as wide as my ears!; and a bunch of little pains all over... It started THursday at work (and I hope a bunch were contaminated!!!! our h/r  keeps telling me -take a pill and come in) and Friday I slept ALL day more.  And saturday I went to the Doctor for a penicellin based anti-biotic.  It took the Dr all of 5 minutes to get rid of me from his office! especially after telling me I was very contageious  and would be till I have had two or three days of the meds ... Monday is looking iffy!!!
I am laughing at this because I asked the office to set out clear policy about Illnesses and coming to work while very contagious.  And all the H/R could tell me was take a pill and come in.  Well, I am taking my antibiotics and I am coming in. I might be okay the Dr said 2 to 3 days - but it is not looking good since I started coughing!
It my house this kind of thing is totally normal!  I have two kids and my husband who has poeple in and out of his office all day.  THe people I work with are somewhat different.  One is an 45+ who in germ-allergic.  One is an asthmatic with grown children. I will become plague carrier to them.   Of course there are nearly 100 more in and around the me with kids, without... with health problems, without, ... with germ aversions, and with germ allergeries...  But no one in their right minds minds wants mine! 
And I understand them.  I take my gang for flu shots every year (and I got the pneumonia one this year). I make sure they blow their noses with toilet paper and flush the germs right away!  and wash hands right away.  Cough in the Elbow of their Sweater; not all over their hands!   But I go to work because there is not a clear policy !!
and you guys?

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