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Another way to look at cravings

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:14 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Progress but very hard

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:07 PM

Quit Smoking Community


NEW Year NEW goals

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-01-27 6:06 PM

Depression Community


Dobro došli!

HR Admin

2023-01-25 12:04 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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What worries are you holding on to?

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I hear you. There seems to be bad news coming all the time. Covid has been a huge concern for many reasons and lots of confusing disinformation has been circulating. All we can really do is focus on what we can control and what we are grateful for. What can you control about Covid? What I do is follow doctors advice. I avoid large crowds. I wear my mask if I can't avoid crowds and I wash my hands regularly. I also try to stay as healthy as possible and get vaccinated.

What are you grateful for? I think this question is so important to focus on everyday. We can easily focus on the negative. It sometimes takes effort to look for the many positives in our lives .

I also recommend taking breaks from social media and the news sometimes. It all can get overwhelming and the news tends to focus on bad things and not as many good things. Even though there seems to be only bad things going on, there are still lots of good in the world and lots to be grateful for. Focus on what makes you happy and what gives you purpose.

What makes you happy and/or gives you purpose?

You're not alone in this.


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Hi Ashley,

One of my main worries is that Covid will come back this year. The whole thing was really bad for me and I am not sure I can ever rebound from it. the news I read on the internet is always bad and I am not sure what to do or what to believe or if I will be laid off again. Just streaming videos and reading bad news all day does not help.

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What worries are you holding on to? I would love to help you work through them and I hope other members would be happy to join in the discussion too! Let's support eachother. Please post some of your worries.


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I'm resumed core belief affirms daily.  Progressive relaxation was resumed last week, and I noticed that it made a big change in the depth of my sleep.  I'm subtly coaching mom to do the progressive relaxation too, as kegel exercises for a start.
Life's taking on this different meaning, by my becoming a witness and just being myself, instead of chasing something, as I did in the past.
Reading the book "Midwife for Souls" by Kathy Kalina is helpful, since it speaks to how to be a midwife for the dying.
The reality is that we all have limited time on earth, irregardless of our age, and so we're suited to being midwives to each other, if we choose to.
Or I guess we can ignore each other, be selfish and just race around in circles making fools of ourselves while wiser people watch.
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This is just what I see and you can ignore it because I could be seeing it wrong.

We haven't been talking about core beliefs for a while but one thing about them is that they can build new ones in association with themselves if the situation is remotely close and there is no other solution. Like your paying to walk instead of doing it for free. A core belief that says "this is how I do things" is going to fight you if you try to do things different. And it will sprout more core beliefs to reinforce it with all kinds of reasons why it is right. Remember core beliefs are not built on logic as much as they are on repetition. So to change one you have to repeat the change often. Like walking for free. But that is just an example, if you get more out of the Gym (socializing) then do it but if you get more out of a walk around the block, such as relaxation and a chance to unwind your mind then maybe you need to look at core beliefs, all of them. Are you using them inappropriately in situations that could use a new or different one. I say this because I have done it and it was work to change.

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I'm afraid of a cycle of demands which I can't handle. 
An author of the book "Religions of Man" says that our needs are insatiable, so my thoughts, connected to my easy-to-satisfy needs, can spin out of control in the panic cycle, making making things worse.
I'm trying to delegate, but I'm a micromanager too, and coupled with mom being uncomfortable about accepting help, it makes life hard.
She's getting more accepting with time, though.
I see my life disappearing though. 
I went for a walk and some tension disappeared though, and I got an errand done. 
Isn't it funny that I pay to walk on a treadmill at a gym, when I can walk for free between errands?
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Is there something that you are worrying about but not talking about? Perhaps you are holding back because you don’t want to be a nuisance? Perhaps you don’t want to rock the boat or cause problems? Perhaps your worries could potentially hurt someone else if you bring them up?  

Whatever the case may be by holding it in it is giving this worry more power over you.
Sometimes just letting it out puts it in perspective. Talking it out in a constructive (not hurtful) way or even just venting some of your thoughts can be such a relief! Who would be willing to listen or who could benefit from hearing your worries?

If you aren’t yet ready to talk about this worry to someone in person you can always post your worries here.  Let it out!

What worries are you holding in and holding on to?

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