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Valentine's Day is Approaching

8 years ago 0 hugs4U 4027 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I'm afraid life's too full of demands to do much.  I have bought some sweets for mom, and sent some chocolate to a friend, who sends me sweets around christmas...but it's so perfunctory.
I did go to an interesting lecture about chocolate, and learned a lot about it's manufacturing and quality.  Apparently, the "snap" and "gloss" are part of good quality chocolate, as well as the % cocoa(?) and some other qualities I can't remember.
I also had a massage tuesday, after a weekend of back-breaking shovelling(snow not manure) so I suppose I gave myself some love.  If you can't love yourself, I suppose it's hard to love others, isn't it?
8 years ago 0 Meghan 23 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
They say Valentines Day is for lovers, but I make sure EVERYONE in my house feels loved. Even our dog. :) I get little treats for my son and the dog. My husband and I don't go out, because I'm still kind of afraid of going out to crowded restaurants/movies. I guess for our family it's just a regular day with a little extra love.
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.
People celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways and that's ok. How can you make it a point tomorrow to show someone you love how much you care about them?
What are your Valentine's Day plans for tomorrow?
Ashley, Health Educator

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