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Very short panic attacks?

Finding triggers can be tough but it is doable. Sometimes triggers are obvious other times not so much. Recording your symptoms in the symptom tracker is a start, you may be able to notice a pattern.  Working on the program in it's entirety will help you get an understanding of what a trigger is and how to identify it.  You may also want to submit a question to our expert Dr. Farvolden.  I am sure he has lots of great tips to offer!

Ashley, Health Educator
11 years ago 0 hugs4U 4027 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0


The roller-coaster ride to the relative merry-go-round I’m at now, makes it seem easier to “cope”, but I wonder if maybe I’m just hiding. 

 Ahsepp3, notice your mention of not being “engaged”? One thing I long for, and this forum is partly providing, is community or connection with grounded people, who can provide safe environments. If I visualize the most supportive, strongest people from any place in the world in a room with me...that would be the last room to be a locale for an attack.

I remember a frightening teacher I had in high school, who would verbally attack anyone randomly, as a standing threat if our class wasn’t compliant. That was the most frightening experience emotionally,similar to attacks, since like terrorism,  since I could never know when or how or who will be struck.

He was promoted to a vice-principal later.

Ashley, do you have any tips on looking for these triggers, since from the research I’ve read quickly(eg.National Institute of Health), it seems pretty complicated...I know there was a good start on the stress forum you began.

11 years ago 0 ashepp3 56 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I'm not sure about a trigger but I have noticed that it seems to happen more often when I am not focused on anything; for example spacing out at work or watching TV but not very engaged.

Hi Ashley (love the name btw ),
This is hard to say.  It could be a panic symptom(s).  Check out the education section for a definition of a Panic Attack.
Regardless of the definition.  Have you been able to determine any sort of trigger?

Ashley, Health Educator
11 years ago 0 sunny123 1665 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi everyone:  You know, Ive had that too and yes, mostly when I am tired.  Just thought it was my meds. or BP acting up.  Wonder what it was.  Oh well, doesn't really matter as I sort of ignore it and take a deep breath or two and relax.  Interesting that others have had this as well.
Your friend, Sunny
11 years ago 0 Davit 6252 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

I don't know if it is common but I get them. I had one today sitting in the doctors office. In my case I sort of go blank for a second, get a bit dizzy and then it is gone. They happen mostly when I'm tired or when I don't want to be there.

Here for you,
11 years ago 0 ashepp3 56 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
This happens to me usually at work. I'll just be sitting working on something, not overly stressed or anxious, and I get a flash of a feeling that something is wrong and usually a weird feeling in my chest or a hot feeling (it happens sometimes when I'm just watching tv too). 

The strange part is it only lasts for a few seconds if that. Sometimes I am shaken up afterwards. Today it really seemed like only a second that this went on and with the next breathe or two I felt fine. Would these even be classified as panic attacks? Is it common to have them in "flashes".


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